Composition and Re-use Potential of Household Bulky

7th December 2016

WEEE in the UK WRAP has undertaken research on the composition of bulky waste in terms of item type and re-use potential, in order to identify the barriers to and opportunities for the re-use of bulky items across the UK.

Key points
Over 40% of WEEE items collected at HWRCs were visually assessed as being suitable for re-use
Adding in those items that were assessed as suitable for re-use following minor repair, the figure rises to more than 60%



This research recorded all bulky waste by analysing call centre logs for bulky waste kerbside collections, compositional analysis of kerbside collected bulky waste for re-use potential and surveying individuals depositing bulky items at HWRC’s. Bulky waste items included WRAP’s priority materials of WEEE, textiles and furniture.



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