Plastic Bottle Recycling

It is estimated that 580,000 tonnes of plastic bottles entered the UK household waste in 2011, with some 306,000 tonnes (around 52%) collected for recycling.

Bottle plastic types

Plastic bottles are usually made of PET (mineral water, carbonated beverage, juice, alcoholic beverage, cooking oil) or HDPE (milk, cleaning products, toiletries). 

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Bottle collections

The collection of plastic bottles is provided by over 95% of local authorities in the UK. Bring sites were considered the traditional way of collection of plastic bottles; however, kerbside collection is currently provided by over 90% of local authorities and equates to over 80% of the plastic bottles collected.

In addition to bring sites and kerbside collection, plastic bottles are also recycled ‘on the go’, with schemes becoming more popular especially in areas with high public footfall (e.g. shopping centres, transport hub, town centres, etc.).

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