Glassflow 2012 Report

7th December 2016

WRAP, in collaboration with Valpak Consulting Ltd, has published GlassFlow 2012, a new report looking at the UK packaging glass market. 

Key points
UK glass packaging consumption is lower than currently estimated
UK packaging consumption is estimated at 2.4-2.5m tonnes
Based on these new estimates, the UK met its 60% EU target for packaging glass in 2012



The aim of the research was to quantify and project glass flows in the UK in 2012, i.e. the amount of packaging glass consumed and collected for recycling, and to review key market issues. The assessment was done for the UK as a whole, as well as for Scotland and Wales separately.

Market conditions highlighted a need to examine in detail why this market volatility occurred and to ensure that estimates of glass packaging flowing onto the UK market are as robust and accurate as possible, because it is from these estimated tonnages that recycling targets and recycling rates are derived.

Accordingly, the GlassFlow project was set up to review the flow of glass packaging through the UK supply chain and to identify and evaluate the key market risks that could prevent the UK from meeting its glass packaging recycling targets.

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