Guidance on Collecting and Reprocessing Glass

WRAP’s information on glass includes guides to collecting and sorting glassware from commercial organisations, households, Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) and recycling bring banks as well as the costs and quality outputs of reprocessed glass products. 

What is WRAP doing?

Working with local authorities, reprocessors, MRFs and commercial organisations, WRAP has developed a number of tools and guidance for organisations to develop processes for more effective glass recycling.

What can my organisation do?

Using WRAP’s independent research, advice and resources, organisations disposing of glass or those collecting, sorting or reprocessing glass products can find innovative technologies, techniques and processes to increase their recycling rates and decrease the costs to their organisation and the environment.

Glass collection from commercial premises

Working across a number of sectors, including retail and hospitality, WRAP has developed a number of reports and case studies addressing the processes involved and the differing roles in these processes.

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GlassRite evaluation tool

The GlassRite tool enables those specifying bottles to easily source lightweight bottles that can help cut costs and improve resource efficiency. 

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Glass in the Market Knowledge Portal

WRAP’s Market Knowledge Portal contains a wealth of information on market pricing and trends on a range of different materials across a number of different markets and industries. Our section on glass markets includes valuable resources on glass container prices, PRN pricing, packaging recovery and recycling – to name but a few.

To find out more details on our glass resources as part of the Market Knowledge Portal, jump straight in using the links below:

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Assessing the use of post-consumer glass in container applications

In late 2013, WRAP initiated a call for projects to Courtauld Commitment 3 (CC3) signatories to provide funding and support in developing evidence to aid the delivery of the packaging target.

The commissioned piece of work brought together the entire glass manufacturing supply chain, from retailer to glass manufacturer, with the aim of analysing the sorting of MRF glass streams and cleaning of these to produce material suitable for use by the container industry.

The project was part-funded by Marks & Spencer (M&S) and Kent Resource Partnership (KRP).

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Glass in the food and drink industry

WRAP’s research on glass used to package and transport food and drink for the UK retail and hospitality sector is now part of our Courtauld 2025 agreement.

The agreement, which takes an end-to-end approach to the reduction of waste involved in the food and drink industry, includes research, guidance and resources on the sustainable manufacture and recycling of glass packaging for food products.

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Solutions for common problems when collecting from commercial premises

Many businesses want to recycle more glass but are concerned about potential difficulties. This article addresses some of the common problems faced by businesses looking to recycle more glass.

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Where next?

Want to know more about glass in dry materials? Take a look at our reports, guides, tools and case studies for further information:

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