Container colour consultation

18th February 2019

Consultation on a national colour scheme for waste and recycling containers in England

WRAP has consulted  stakeholders on the advantages and/or disadvantages of adopting a national colour scheme for household waste and recycling containers. The consultation is part of WRAP’s work under the Framework for Greater Consistency in Recycling in England

The consistency framework was published in September 2016 and sets out the following vision:

By 2025 packaging is designed to be recyclable, where practical and environmentally beneficial, and is labelled clearly to indicate whether it can be recycled or not. Every household in England can recycle a common set of dry recyclable materials and food waste, collected in one of three different ways.

A five-point action plan underpins this vision. This consultation is an action for WRAP under point 2: All householders are able to confidently and accurately place out for collection a common set of materials and food waste for recycling.

Next steps

The consultation period for the guidance has now closed and a summary of the responses is available. Our thanks goes to all those who provided input.