Innovation in Waste Prevention Fund (England)

28th November 2016

Funded by Defra as part of their Waste Prevention Programme for England, this scheme aims to generate more action to prevent waste.

Funding rounds
Round 1: May - September 2014. Closed
Round 2: 20 November 2014 to 6 February 2015. Closed.
Round 3: Closed



The Innovation in Waste Prevention Fund specifically supports communities to take forward innovative waste prevention, re-use and repair activities in their local areas, working in partnership with local businesses, councils, charities and voluntary groups.

The scheme can be used to help introduce a new business idea or to increase local re-use rates, resulting in potential new jobs and volunteering and training opportunities.

Funding rounds

Funding rounds

The fund supports new projects through a number of funding rounds: 



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Round 1: May - September 2014. Closed.

Launched in May 2014, we received a phenomenal 79 applications with the majority applying for 50/50 funding.  They comprised of a good mix of interesting projects and the quality was high with a wide geographical spread.  

Ten organisations were successful >>

Round 2: 20 November 2014 to 6 February 2015. Closed.

This was a particularly tough round which was looking for high levels of innovation and new approaches. We were delighted to get 66 applications and the results were announced in June 2015.

Six organisations were successful >>

Round 3 (22 September 2015)

After careful consideration, Defra has decided not to proceed with Round 3 of the Fund. The decision takes into account the fact that we are learning so much from the 16 exciting projects underway from previous Rounds; and that a further Round, at this stage, would be unlikely to generate many additional 'new to the world' ideas for preventing waste.

Some of the organisations, which received funding, are now promoting their projects and WRAP will publish the outcomes in 2016.  They will be added to our suite of online tools and guidance, including the Waste Prevention Hub and associated 'partnerships are key to success' material launched earlier this year.  

Waste prevention and re-use is also a major element of our voluntary agreements like Courtauld (grocery), SCAP (clothing), esap (electricals) and HaFs (hospitality) where these sectors' activity in this area is widely supported and shared.

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