Guidance for Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs)

Materials Recovery Facilities (MRFs) are increasingly important in providing quality raw materials to industry. However, they are required to routinely sample and compositionally test their mixed material inputs by individual supplier and their main outputs by material stream.

What is WRAP doing?

To assist MRFs and local authorities working with MRFs, WRAP provides practical guidance and templates to assist with the implementation of Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety management systems within a MRF and tools for reporting quality and volume output.

What can my organisation do?

WRAP’s independent research, guidance and advice aids MRFs in discovering new techniques for material sorting and processing, implementing quality management systems and gathering information on recovered material protocols and market prices.

Using the resources below, MRFs can improve their processes, introduce new material types and continue to reduce the amount of waste reaching landfill:

Materials Facility Reporting Portal

The Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 2014 requires qualifying MFs to provide quarterly details of the mixed waste tonnage received by each supplier and the output tonnage despatched by four material streams. It also requires samples to be taken of that material (including specific output types) to determine the average percentage of target, non-target and non-recyclable material.

This reporting portal will allow you to search that input data by local authority supplier or MF as well as the output data by MF.

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Sorting Materials - Materials Recovery Facilities (MRFs)

Our sorting materials section provides end-to-end guidance on MRF compliance, regulation, material sources, quality output, and the key aspects of running a successful processing operation.

Included in this advice are a number of case studies, flow diagrams, sampling information sheets, and sample contracts for your organisation to use in developing best practice.

Sorting your materials >>

Quality Management Systems for MRFs

Materials Recovery Facilities (MRFs) have a key role to play in the creation of high-quality/high-value recyclate streams that can be used as feedstock materials by a range of industries. The implementation of effective Quality Management Systems (QMS) can support this through consistency of approach, risk management and commercial differentiation

Our guidance on Quality Management Systems for MRFs has been specifically developed to provide municipal MRF operators with practical guidance and templates to assist with the implementation of Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety management systems within a MRF.

Quality Management Systems guidance >>

MRF Gate Fees

For MRFs seeking a detailed report of the average gate fees charged across the UK or local authorities looking for the average cost of MRFs and the expected costs of each waste types, our Gate Fees report covers gate fees charged to local authorities in the UK for a range of municipal waste recycling, recovery, treatment and disposal options.

Gate Fees reports >>

Sorting and reprocessing across sectors

WRAP’s action in the textiles and electricals industry involves working with companies in these sectors to enhance how they recover valuable materials from end-of-life products. Working with these industries, local authorities, MRF operators and reprocessors can recover higher value materials for resale or reprocessing.

To find out more about our work in re-use and recycling in both textiles and electricals, please use the following links:

Re-use and recycling in Sustainable Textiles >>
Re-use and recycling in Sustainable Electricals >>

Where next?

Want to know more about MRFs in collections and sorting? Take a look at our reports, guides, tools and case studies for further information:

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