Guidance on Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) Collections

Household waste recycling centres (HWRCs) provide a vital service for community residents wanting to dispose of green waste, electricals, textiles and bulky household items.

They play a significant role in enhancing the recycling and waste management services that local authorities provide for the public and provide residents with an alternative for items that can’t be collected at the kerbside.

With an estimated 37.8% of all items at HWRCs being suitable for re-use they offer a great opportunity for local authorities and re-use organisations to repair and refurbish products for re-use.

What is WRAP doing?

Over the past 10 years WRAP has undertaken extensive independent research with a number of local authorities to address the challenges and opportunities presented by running a successful HWRC.

During this time WRAP has provided resources, funding and support to assist an increase volume, quality and consistency of recycling collections, sorting processes and the provision of services for the sale of recovered materials.

What can my organisation do?

Organisations and local authorities yet to realise all the economic and environmental benefits of collections and re-use at HWRCs can use WRAP’s reports, guides, tools and case studies to create further value from their HWRCs scheme.

Using the resources below, you can find out how to optimise the collections process, the best ways to communicate your collection campaign and what you can do to increase collection rates in your local authority:


WRAP’s HWRC Guide outlines current good practice in the industry, taking account of the legislative background and the latest research into HWRC provision.

It provides advice and supporting evidence on efficient and cost-effective HWRC management, up-to-date information on all aspects of HWRC operation and advice on planning and infrastructure relating to your HWRC network.

Packed with working examples, case studies and details of projected future developments, the HWRC guide is a superb resource for any local authority officer, waste-management company or  third-sector  partner looking to make the most of their HWRC.

WRAP’s HWRC Guide >>

Providing for re-use at HWRCs

HWRCs provide substantial opportunities for local authorities to create new income streams and realise the full value of products and materials collected.

This guide informs anyone funding or running HWRC sites of the options and opportunities available when introducing or improving re-use services.

Visit the How to re-use guides >>
Visit the How to re-use case studies and videos >>

Recycling textiles at HWRCs

As part of our work on Sustainable Textiles, WRAP has produced a number of specific guides for recycling certain household textile materials at HWRCs and how to prepare HWRCs for textile re-use.

Collection of carpets from HWRCs by reprocessors >>
Carpet and mattress recycling at HWRCs >>
Sustainable Clothing Action Plan (SCAP): Re-use and recycling >>

Recycling electricals and electronic products at HWRCs

As part of our work on Sustainable Electricals, WRAP has produced a number of specific guides for recycling certain electricals and electronic products, recovering high-value materials and how to prepare HWRCs for electrical re-use.

Critical Raw Materials (CRMs) recovery >>
Electrical and Electronic Products Sustainability Action Plan (esap): Re-use and recycling >>

Where next?

Want to know more about Household Waste Collection and Sorting?  Take a look at our reports, guides, tools and case studies for further information:

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