Assessing the Suitability of Post-Consumer Glass in Container Applications

6th December 2016

A case study researching potential improvements in the reprocessing of glass container contents through Materials Recovery Facilities (MRFs). 

Key points
The trial showed a considerable improvement in material quality, however, not enough to meet glass industry specifications
52,400t CO2e per year could be saved through increasing the proportion of postconsumer glass fines remelted



In late 2013, WRAP initiated a call for projects to Courtauld Commitment 3 (CC3) signatories to provide funding and support in developing evidence to aid the delivery of the packaging target.

The commissioned piece of work brought together the entire glass manufacturing supply chain, from retailer to glass manufacturer, with the aim of analysing the sorting of MRF glass streams and cleaning of these to produce material suitable for use by the container industry.

The project was part-funded by Marks & Spencer (M&S) and Kent Resource Partnership (KRP).

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