WRAP Plastics Compositional Analysis at MRFs

7th December 2016

A study into the plastic packaging composition arriving at MRFs from established mixed plastics collections.

Key points
Plastic packaging (mainly bottles and PTT) comprises approximately 17% of MRF input material by weight
Most common polymer types for pots, tubs and trays were PP at 43% and PET at 33%
Most common polymers of the PTT and bottles fraction were PET, PP and HDPE accounting for 81%



WRAP has been working across the plastics packaging supply chain to assist with the delivery of the 2017 plastics recycling targets. This work has led to an industry initiative called the Plastics Industry Recycling Action Plan (PIRAP){link} which is being guided by a Steering Group consisting of industry bodies and trade associations.

The UK plastic packaging recycling targets were announced by Government in 2012 and included a target for businesses obligated by the Producer Responsibility Obligations for packaging to increase recycling from 32% in 2012 to 57% by 2017.

This equates to a national achievement target of 42.3% recycling for plastic packaging. In order for this to be achieved there is a need for sufficient infrastructure within the waste management industry to deal with this additional plastics packaging.

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