Waste (Scotland) Regulations

The law on waste is changing for every business in Scotland.  Zero Waste Scotland offer a range of advice and support to help your business make the transition to these new ways of working and take further resource efficiency measures to become even more profitable and sustainable into the future.

Key Areas

FAQ Database - Waste (Scotland) Regulations

An easy-to-use tool to answer your Waste (Scotland) Regulations questions.

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Waste (Scotland) Regulations

New regulations were passed by the Scottish Parliament on 9 May 2012.


Supporting organisations to meet the Waste (Scotland) Regulations

Helping you meet the new waste regulations

A profound step change in the way we will manage our resources.

Supporting Local Authorities

Helping local authorities to meet key requirements of the legislation.

Supporting Scotland’s businesses

All businesses operating in Scotland will be required to present key recyclables.

Supporting Scotland’s Resource Management Industry

Harnessing opportunities the Waste (Scotland) Regulations will present.