Hospitality and food service

Key Areas

Waste in hospitality and food service

Food wasted in the sector is estimated at £2.5bn per year

Food waste numbers at a glance

Summary of food waste in the sector

Taking action on waste

Simple steps to waste less and recycle more

Food waste recycling hub

Recycling your food waste is easier than you think

Hospitality and Food Service Agreement

All about the Agreement and how to sign up

Hospitality and food service: WRAP's work

Helping business reduce waste and recycle more

Waste: a moving brief webinar

Watch our video update on the Agreement  

Good practice case studies

Good practice from businesses across the sector

Hospitality and food service Info-Finder

Access information for making savings

Online resource centre for business

Interactive kitchen with tips for reducing food waste

Signatories and supporters

Full list of signatories and supporters to the Agreement

Less waste saves money

Engaging with consumers to help reduce plate waste