Electrical and electronic goods

Key Areas


Collaborative, sector-wide action for consumer electronics and household appliances

Switched on to Value

The benefits of extending appliance and electronic product lifetimes

Innovative business

How we're helping companies to explore alternative, cost effective, resource efficient ways of doing business

Economic impact of REBM's

Assessing the potential of Resource Efficient Business Models in four key sectors

Re-use protocols for electrical products

Guidance for the repair and re-use of electrical products

Environmental and cost impact of electrical products

Guidance on reducing the environmental impact of electrical products

Collecting and treating waste electricals

Guidance for collecting and treating electrical items

Re-using and repairing electricals

Opportunities for re-using and repairing electrical products

Consumer research

Consumer interest in reuse, repair and trade-in of electrical products

WEEE plastics and recycling

Using recycled content in electrical products

Solutions for electrical product sector

Develop and design more sustainable products

Buying guides for durability and repair

Design specifications to promote re-use and repair

Lifetime Optimisation Tool

What is the optimum lifetime of your product?