Carpet Guide - re-using and recycling carpets

A practical interactive guide for facilities professionals to encourage more re-use and recycling of used carpet and to highlight best practices for extending carpet lifetime and refurbishment specification.

Floor finishes are a significant element of a building and contribute around 12% towards a buildings environmental impact.

Carpet is the predominant floor covering used in both domestic and commercial settings accounting for 58% of the floor finishing market in the UK.

WRAP worked with Carpet Recycling UK to develop a practical guide for facilities professionals to show how used carpet can be a valuable resource, how to prepare used carpets for re-use and recycling, and best practice for selecting new carpet.

The interactive Guide includes:

  • Information on how to identify the type of carpet used;
  • A detailed map of re-use, recycling and recovery outlets for carpets in the UK;
  • Sample specification clauses for use within tenders;
  • Latest developments in fitting systems and adhesives; and
  • Planning for regular maintenance and cleaning.

Who would find this useful?

  • Facilities Managers in the public and private sectors;
  • Procurers, architects and specifiers;
  • Housing associations; and
  • Floor layers.

 Focus has been placed upon post-consumer carpet waste that is most likely to arise in refurbishment projects.