The view from WRAP

  • Taking your work home with you

    By: Dr Liz Goodwin, CEO, WRAP Posted: 8 Jul 2011
    For those of you who are interested in the idea of reuse, I’d like to share something with you. Next week I’m getting married and reuse features significantly in my wedding plans.  That’s not just because I’m aware of the importance of re-use – it’s because the things I’m re-using are lovely and they have history and meaning to them.    Firstly, my engagement ring is reused....
  • A taste of things to come

    By: Dr Liz Goodwin, CEO, WRAP Posted: 5 Jul 2011
    I’ve just caught up with my colleague Marcus Gover, our Director responsible for Organics and Energy from Waste, who was at the opening of a new anaerobic digestion (AD) facility on Friday. The facility at Langage Farm in Plymouth will turn food waste from around the county into the energy needed to produce the farm’s clotted cream, ice cream, crème fraiche and yoghurt.  Not good news for...