Key publications

WRAP’s ground-breaking research is trusted by hundreds of business, UK and international governments and charities. Our reports are designed to facilitate informed decisions that help deliver cost savings, reduce waste and protect resources. Our focus is on helping businesses and local authorities to identify opportunities and find tried and tested methods that deliver maximum return on investment.

  • Resource efficiency and the circular economy
  • Food and drink
  • Electronics and electricals 
  • Clothing and textiles
  • Resource management

Resource efficiency and the circular economy

How would greater resource efficiency impact European economies?  Economic Growth Potential of More Circular Economies. 

How would the circular economy impact employment in Britain? Employment and the Circular Economy – Job creation in a more resource efficient Britain 

What role can resource efficiency play in tackling climate change? Securing the future – The role of resource efficiency.  

How would the circular economy impact employment in London? Job Creation through resource efficiency in London

Food and Drink 

How can businesses prevent food waste? Reducing food waste by extending product life.

Which products have the biggest environmental impact? An initial assessment of the environmental impact of grocery products. 

What is the cost of waste to the UK grocery and hospitality sector? Estimates of Food and Packaging Waste in the UK Grocery Retail and Hospitality Supply Chains.

Why is so much food wasted? Household Food and Drink Waste in the UK. 

How can we achieve a reduction in food waste? Strategies to achieve economic and environmental gains by reducing food waste 

What are the major environmental consequences of food and drink waste? The Carbon and Water Footprint of Household Food and Drink Waste in the UK

How much progress has been made on UK food waste and what does the future hold? UK food waste – Historical changes and how amounts might be influenced in the future

How can we develop a food system that is fit for the future? Food Futures - 10 year farm to fork analysis

What is the financial impact of historical food loss and waste reduction efforts?  The Business Case for Reducing Food Loss and Waste

What is the impact of food surplus and food waste in the grocery supply chain? Food Surplus and Waste Quantification report.

Electronics and Electricals  

What are the benefits of extending the life of electrical products? What is the trade-in value of Britain’s unused electronics? Switched on to Value

Clothing and Textiles 

How big is the economic and environmental impact of clothing? What are the opportunities for governments and businesses? Valuing Our Clothes

Resource Management

Why do some people not recycle? Barriers to recycling at home provided the first in-depth understanding of what prevents householders from recycling.

What are the opportunities for greater consistency in household recycling in England? The framework for greater consistency